What Percentage Do Medical Billing Charge?

Delayed payments and denied claims cost billions to medical practices every year. Regardless of whether it’s due to inappropriate codes or missed due dates for claim submission, physicians lose a major share of their income due to lag in the billing process.

Consequences Of Inaccurate Coding And Incorrect Billing

Harnessing the complexities of medical coding and billing is what troubling health care providers in various ways. As a way out, medical billing companies have been providing solutions; sparing health care providers from this cumbersome task of managing bills and following up on payments.

How Do Medical Billing Services Benefit Small Practices?

Small practices are facing more challenges today when rapid transformations in the healthcare system require them to change with the implementation of new technologies and want providers to qualify with the latest certifications. In this environment, small practices could only achieve their performance targets if they can maximize their collections.

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing A Medical Billing Service?

Medical billing service providers have proven as the best aid to physicians in maximizing their revenues. After such an exhaustive health care system reform, it is payback time for physicians.

Due to errors in coding and billing, insurance payments are rejected and physicians, in turn, have lower turnover.

Mental Illness: Types & Treatment

Mental illness comprises a wide range of disorders that influence the thinking and feeling abilities. Mental illnesses also affect a person’s ability to carry on with his/her daily life routine.