Medical & Healthcare Practices: How To Start a Medical Practice Checklist

A lot of businessmen who purchase or start an already existing medical clinic have this perception in their mind that an already running medical practice will start generating revenue the minute they commence business. This is not the case. A medical clinic runs on profit depending upon various aspects such as the demographics, the competition, the existing clinics in the area, etc.

If you are looking for an answer to how to start a medical practice checklist, then you have come up at the right place.

We will be discussing the mandatory checklist for medical practice as well as how to “increase steady and progressive patients” soon after the opening of the medical clinic.

It is very important to attract patients so that the revenue can start churning or else the vicinity will run out of funds resulting in a loss of business.

Let’s find out how to start a medical practice checklist.

How to start a medical practice checklist?

How to start a medical practice checklist

There are some key steps that are considered mandatory when it comes to launching a successful business at a new location or an existing medical clinic being relaunched by undergoing a serious revamp.

Step 1 – Get legal documents verified

Make sure that legal documents of the clinic space are complete. The lease is agreed upon by both the tenant and landlord and the insurance buildup of the clinic is verified in detail before launching the business. This also includes verification of a practicing certificate that allows you to open a business place or not.

It is very important to determine that you have your tax/employer identification number (TIN or EIN) beforehand so that there are no problems in the later stage of the business when the medical clinic is thrusting with patients.

Step 2- Staff credentialing

Whether you are revamping an existing medical clinic or starting a space from scratch, the first and foremost step is to credential your staff. All the newly hired physicians, paramedical staff, and other staff at the clinic must undergo the process of medical credentialing so that you can make a mark in the market with your goodwill and reputation that only credible staff is hired.

Step 3 – Selection of Electronic Health Records (EHR) software

Once you are done with the credentialing and privileging process, it is now time to facilitate your medical clinic with the best available electronic health records (EHR) software.

Nowadays the majority of medical practices have converted to EHR software. It has made life easy for both the physicians and the patients and not to forget the business owners.

If you plan to expand your business in the future, then it is mandatory to get EHR software in your medical clinic so that every billing is verified and a trusting relationship can be built between the patients and you.

Step 4- Buying medical supplies and software

The next step is to buy all the essential medical tools and equipment for the clinic. It is important to have them in abundance at the beginning of the business so that there is no hindrance in providing quality treatment because of the lack of availability of medical tools.

Apart from EHR software, you need to decide which billing software you will be using for the medical billing and coding services or if you plan to outsource the billing department, then decide beforehand which company you will hire for this important job.

Step 5 – Defining workflow

Before launching the medical clinic, determine the roles of the employees. From doctors to nurses to other staff, everyone should be addressed about what is expected from them and what would be your roles.

Perform a security risk assessment to find out the credibility of the medical clinic as well as the staff.

Buying medical supplies and software

Step 6 – Create a website

Interestingly, you should have your website ready at least 2 to 3 months before the launch of the medical clinic. The website should have been launched and gone live already.

It is important to know that the website should be in complete compliance with the HIPAA rules and regulations, it must have the correct informative content and easy-to-use software.

Step 7 – Work on marketing

Spread the word about the opening of the clinic in the vicinity. You can use different means both online and physical. As people are more biased towards online information these days, it is important that you have launched your business on different online platforms such as Google, Facebook

You must have optimized these online platforms’ outlets by creating a business page for your clinic and giving out correct information about your business.

Make sure to provide the physical address of the clinic and announce the launch date regularly by creating attractive posts, this way more people will know that a medical clinic is being launched in their area.

More people means more business.

Step 8 – The creation of a newsletter

Create newsletters and send them out. You can create newsletters on your own or on different websites by using their templates and make sure to send them out every month with new upgrades and the details of your clinic.

Step 9 – Spread of word

The world still believes in physical meetups and words of mouth for credibility. To attract the orthodox people, get brochures printed with all the details of your business.

Don’t forget to mention the launching date and time so that they know when it’s opening and be there at the launch.

Participate in different activities of the community to reach out to the people who are not really internet frenzy. You will find people in these community activities who would likely be your future patients. Engage in small talks with people during these activities and discuss your clinic and what it offers, this will help tremendously.

Final words

It is not an easy job to launch a medical clinic. You need to follow the basic steps to make sure you are opening a successful business. You have to work tirelessly, in the beginning, to make it reach out to every nook and corner of the area, bringing business in the form of patients.

Make sure that your medical clinic complies with HIPAA and other regulatory bodies to ensure that your license to work will not be canceled and your clinic will continue to work, generating revenue for you along with a credible reputation.