Medical Billing and Coding Study: Step-By-Step Guide

If you have been studying coding and billing in the medical domain, then this medical billing and coding study guide will help you comprehensively. Medical coding study is based on details and information about diagnoses and diseases that are regulated by the federal medical agency American Medical Association – AMA. If you think that you are detail-oriented and have an inquisitive mind, then this professional can be the best fit for you.

If you have just started to learn about the medical and coding industry, you must be having many confusions in your mind and it might be challenging for you to keep everything straight and comply with the details. But as you proceed with your learning in the field, you will find ways to follow and resolve your queries. Also, it is essential to learn medical billing and coding from a well-known accredited institution to get full access to learning.

In addition, it is also notable that you must be willing to learn about coding and billing even when you complete your education from the institute to learn updating trends and amendments in the coding industry.

Furthermore, in order to continue working as a medical biller and coder you need to clear a certified professional coder exam (CPC) to pursue a successful career from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). Keep in mind that it is essential to be prepared to attend the exam. A certified coder is responsible for eliminating discrepancies, using proper codes for the providers’ provided services, and making sure providers like physicians are receiving their reimbursements timely.

Medical billing and coding study guide for students

Medical billing and coding services

Your classroom is the first place where you learn the basics of coding and billing and where you prepare yourself for a medical career. For this and many other reasons, you should take your class learnings very seriously. Medical and coding studies involve a range of coursework that prepares you for the exam and certification.

This can include physiology, anatomy and medical business classes to office software. It is essential to get yourself completely prepared for the labs during your class time and allow you to make a schedule for your daily routine for studying.

Step 1: Participate and ask relevant questions

Whether you are a student or doing an internship at a workplace, make sure to ask relevant questions according to the required tasks. Medical billing and coding are a profession that requires effort and detail-oriented performance. Because of this, you need to be attentive and ask relevant questions from the experts in the medical office for the following;

  • Common codes
  • The flow of required documents
  • Standard procedures

Step 2: Think analytically

To think outside of the box, analytical and critical thinkers apply logic to information and connect pieces to lead the conclusion. They are people who prosper and thrive in any field either medical coding and billing or any other.

This is because this profession requires prompt decision-making skills to decide what medical code will define the exact medical condition of the patient.

Step 3: Use your time wisely

When you start knowing how to balance your work and life, this is the time you start to progress in your career and as an individual. But when you are studying and doing a job along, then it is essential to manage your time wisely. It will keep your stress level reduced and your work organized. It is better to plan the time ahead so you can have some more time to rest between your shifts. For instance, try planning 20 hours to work a week and similarly for your study. This will take out time for your study, work, and rest simultaneously and make management simpler.  

Step 4: Passing CPC exam

Whether you wish to work as a medical biller or a medical coder or want to suit a role that combines both jobs, it is important to get your CPC-A or CPC credential.

Because the certification helps you in conveying the universal coding and medical coding terminology that is regulated in the medical system.

Keep in mind that it is not a one-time job, the determination and effort will take time and continuous hard work. Plus, once you step into the career there’s no going back, so be prepared for the long learning journey and make efforts in leading your career in the right direction.

Step 5: Enroll in the PREP program

According to APPC, students who pass their exams from AAPC have a high chance of passing CPC exams. AAPC course provides around 80 hours of online programs, all about medical coding. In addition, they also offer to communicate directly with the instructors where you also will receive a textbook and a workbook when you enroll in the PREP program.

Step 6: Double-check information

You must wish that your employer relies on you that everything is correctly done. This would be gained if the claim documents don’t get any mistakes which leads practice to claim rejections. Therefore, you are responsible to double-check the documents and all the necessary information required in the claim about the patient, disease and insurance provider.

Step 7: Learn software and systems

You might be aware of the fact that it is not necessary for all medical facilities to see the same software. Different medical facilities use different software and when you are in your learning period you may have to use each one of them. Due to this, it is essential for you to get familiarized with the medical software you may come across during your job.


To be a part of the medical and coding system, you need to go through a lot of phases to become a successful coder and biller. Apart from doing hard work in the field, you need to be fulfilling all the certifications and education required for the position in place. And when you have all the degrees and certifications, why not pursue an entry-level job to practice under experts? As said, it is a continuous learning process that doesn’t end because continuous changes occur in the medical coding domain. All-in-all, everything that comes your way, will potentially raise your earning potential, so keep moving.

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