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Provider Credentialing Services In Washington DC

Before you start offering your services as a practitioner specializing in a specific medical profession, you need to get credentialed with multiple insurance companies, as only then they’ll accept your insurance claims, leading to faster reimbursements for your services.

Now, there are a number of institutions that offer medical credentialing services in Washington DC, but only a few of them manage to actually have you credentialed officially and accelerate the revenue of your practice by drastic means.

Clinicast, while being counted among those few, is also listed among the provider credentialing services in Washington DC that have extensive credentialing experience, natural reliability, modern technology, and flexibility for different healthcare practices and practitioners.

We, at Clinicast, can assist you with getting credentialed with Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance networks that have the most engagement and interaction rates on average. This way, you can start treating your patients for faster collections, as most of them are insured by the mentioned companies.

Here’s what more we bring for your healthcare practice, being the best provider of credentialing services in Washington DC.

CMS-Regulated Provider Credentialing Services In Washington DC

We comply with the regulations of CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) and, as a result, can get you credentialed with the respective insurance networks for rapid reimbursements. Also, we are absolutely eligible to have your practice or practitioners credentialed with NCQA, URAC, AAAHC, and DNV accreditations, so you have a complete portfolio of credentialing and the capacity to treat the patients insured by any insurance network.

Comprehensive Provider Medical Credentialing

From insurance to paperless to medical sales rep credentialing, we offer all of it with our inclusive service catalog. For those who don’t know, insurance credentialing is the same as getting credentialed with the insurance company for claim acceptance and reimbursements. While the medical sales rep credentialing refers to getting your practice’s sales representatives credentialed for operational expansion and increased profit. Paperless credentialing means putting the entire process of getting credentialed online, allowing for easy access and faster applications, and Clinicast is where you will get it all.

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CAQH Credentialing

As you would have guessed, we promote and encourage CAQH credentialing, and guide you with every step involved while you complete your credentialing application. We do so because the CAQH form fulfills the standards of almost every healthcare organization as well as insurance network, allowing you to fill an only form once, and apply for credentialing to multiple plans simultaneously.

Timely Recredentialing

It seems impossible to offer provider credentialing services in Washington DC without the provision of re-credentialing, which is the process of iterative verification of practitioner’s documents every three years. While we do offer you complete re-credentialing, we also inform you if the timeline is close and that you need to get re-credentialed for the continuation of your services as a healthcare provider.

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