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What are the Symptoms of Hernia Mesh Failure?

What are the Symptoms of Hernia Mesh Failure? 

Did you recently undergo a hernia repair surgery? Most likely, your hernia mesh will cause some trouble to your health and wellbeing.

It is crucial that you meet a doctor the day you start feeling any pain or discomfort after the hernia surgery. If things go bad and you are showing symptoms of hernia mesh failure, you can and should file a claim against your healthcare team. However, you may or may not qualify for compensation as a result of the hernia mesh lawsuit.

Common Symptoms to Watch Out For

Hernia surgery results in a failure when the device used in the surgery malfunctions. This happens due to one of the two reasons:

  1. The device was faulty
  2. The surgeon made a blunder during the surgery

The symptoms can affect your health, your quality of life, and well-being. Sometimes they show up within weeks of the surgery and sometimes they take several years to show up. Either way, filing a hernia mesh lawsuit is always an option, as long as the statute of limitations has not exceeded.

Burning Sensation

If you feel a burning sensation or even warmness in the implant area, the possibility is that your device is giving you some trouble.

It could be dislodged, shrunken or maybe even broken. It could end up infecting your body severely if any of these scenarios take place.

The burning may come and go, but the underlying problem remains. Even medicines will not cause permanent relief. They may numb you from the pain for a while, but as soon as you stop taking medicines, you’ll realize the pain is back.

Instead of seeking temporary solutions, ask your caretaker for a corrective surgery.

Severe Difficulty Passing Stool

A few patients may face constipation as a result of hernia mesh failure. That’s because the abdominal wall applies pressure on the stomach, intestines, and colon which can result in hardening of stool or difficulty passing it.

No amount of at-home DIY solutions can solve this problem forever. If you had an umbilical hernia, you’re more likely to get this symptom in case of hernia mesh failure. Rectal prolapse is another possibility. If taking a laxative doesn’t help. It’s time to visit the clinic.


Feeling nauseous? That’s a common symptom of hernia mesh failure. It indicates something is wrong.

The reason behind this is that the mesh could move into the intestines of the patient. This results in a serious blockage. The stomach can become affected by this and face permanent damage due to hernia mesh failure. Eventually, patients can become severely dehydrated and face a chemical imbalance in the body. Overall, the experience is uncomfortable.

If you recently got a hernia mesh surgery, it’s best to be cautious and take serious measures in case these symptoms show up. Visit a doctor for expert opinion to be on the safe side.


Feeling tired and unenergetic after the surgery is normal. However, if you see no improvement in your situation, it can tell a lot about the internal health problems. While recovering from the surgery, if you don’t regain your strength it indicates that the patient’s body has rejected the hernia mesh and a failure has occurred.

If this lethargic feeling is accompanied with fever as well, then it is a definite sign that things aren’t too well.

If a polypropylene mesh was used in your surgery, it is highly likely that your body will react poorly.

Tiredness can also mean that there is a mesh infection or inflammation in the body as it tries to overcome the failure. If you feel the same for too long, don’t wait for things to get better on their own, there is a chance this could be something serious.


Pain is the most effective indicator of whether or not a hernia mesh failure has occurred or not. Pain can be mild, severe or chronic. You will feel pain specifically on the hernia mesh location if a failure has occurred.

If it continues, you may end up getting an infection or there will be a mesh rejection by body. Even if it comes after months of surgery, it can still attack you and alter your life.

Prominent Bulging

If you notice a swelling in the area where the hernia mesh surgery has been done, it could be a sign that the mesh has moved and is protruding through the skin. Although hernia looks unappealing and is a cosmetic issue, it is also equally painful and annoying. In some cases, these bulges will be visible after just a few days and in other cases, it could take months.

The symptoms can vary depending on one person and another. If you want to file a hernia mesh lawsuit against your practitioner, make sure there is enough evidence against him or her.

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