Physicians for Life: What Is a Concierge Doctor?

Doctors, physicians, and medical practitioners are all different names given to professionals who help people heal from their illnesses. Different names but one goal – heal humanity.

There are other names also given to the healers, one might question why they have different names when the goal is the same. Well, every doctor deals differently with their patients. For instance, you might wonder what is a concierge doctor?

This might be a new term for you but literally, this is the kind of doctor that we interact with the most.  Let’s have a look in detail to find out what is meant by a concierge doctor.

What is a concierge doctor?

A concierge doctor is the one that offers his services to the patient upfront and directly for a fee in exchange which can be paid on a monthly basis. The services they provide are known as “Direct Primary Care (DPC)”. The concierge doctors are also known as “personalized medical service providers”.

The medical services that concierge doctors offer used to be very costly and only wealthy and rich patients could afford them but in recent years, with the advent of technology, concierge medicine has become cheap and affordable for normal people as well.

What is a concierge doctor

What is the job of a concierge doctor?

The concierge doctors are known to be directly accessible to their patients and offer intensive care on a personal level. These are usually those kinds of physicians who are known to conduct practice on a limited number of patients and that too privately.

They have a small list of people compared to the traditional medical practice and they also have a lesser number of paperwork which is associated with the insurance and financial billing companies.

The main job of a concierge doctor is the same as any other physician, that is, they do everything which a medical practitioner is supposed to do like checking their patients, administering lab tests, and conducting physical checkups. They are known to provide screenings for diagnostic measures as well as urgent emergency calls such as treatment of any kind of small accident or stitches when needed.

They are accessible almost anytime but the only drawback is that they cannot perform special and extensive treatments and medical specialties such as surgeries or operations.

Reasons why a concierge doctor is needed

If you are wealthy enough to afford a doctor on a monthly payout then by all means you should get a concierge doctor for yourself as there are many benefits of concierge medicines that you might not be able to get from the primary doctor or physicians that work traditionally.

Here are a few reasons why concierge doctors are preferable as compared to traditionally practicing doctors:

1. Lesser wait time

One of the most popular reasons why concierge doctors are preferred is that you can easily and quickly access them without any delay.

You can directly contact them through phone or email and can get an appointment on the same day from your concierge physician.

2. Primary care

Primary care services are unlimited when you hire a concierge doctor. The physical examinations, and the diagnostic screenings, all are already covered in the monthly payments that you make for the concierge services by the doctor so in a way, you don’t have to make separate payments on every visit made by the doctor.

Reasons why a concierge doctor is needed

However, in conditions where the ailment is long like heart disease that need frequent visits by the doctor, in such cases, concierge doctors are more cost-effective compared to the traditional doctor in the long run but still, any kind of surgery would still require insurance.

3. The personal relationship with the doctor

This is the most beautiful aspect of hiring a concierge doctor. A personal relationship develops between the doctor and the patient. One of the reasons behind this is that the doctor does not have a long list of patients so he doesn’t get exhausted and spends more time on each patient. When there is ample amount of time in hand, the doctor and patient are bound to have a nice relationship and the doctor also understands the patient better along with the medical history.


Concierge doctors offer all the medical services to their patients which are useful in the long run.

If you are planning to get a concierge doctor on your board of medical care providers then go for a company that has low-cost maintenance insurance.

It is important to know all the medical services that a concierge doctor is going to provide before hiring him on a monthly basis. Check the monetary and financial cost against the services being offered by the concierge doctor and be 100% sure whether you will be able to hire them on a monthly or yearly basis or not.