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Virginia hosts a decent number of practitioners willing to offer their services, and so does it host a number of healthcare practices, operating at multiple scales, and providing healthcare services in every specialization. With such saturation, looking after the medical billing and credentialing services becomes a bit difficult, as you can either treat your patients, manage your finances, or get credentialed with the insurance providers.

However, how about if we tell you that you only have to satisfy your patients with immaculate treatment, and leave the other two departments to us. That’s right, with our medical billing credentialing services in VA, we not only streamline your revenue cycle but get your practitioners credentialed with the insurance providers of your preference.

Reduced Administrative Tasks

When you choose us to oversee your medical billing department, you choose satisfaction, efficiency, wisdom, and plenty of time at your disposal. Because it’s after outsourcing, you realize the time you were giving to your billing activities, as you were training your staff, evaluating their performance, and revising their manual upon the increasing denial rate. However, you don’t need to face any of it anymore, for we are sincerely aware of what we do and how brilliantly we do it.

Enhanced flow of Revenue

Other billing services providers do increase your revenue but fail to maintain a consistent flow, and that’s where we have a competitive advantage over them. Our team of experienced professionals knows every nit and grit of coding, and submit the insurance claims considering all of them. It results in first-hand acceptance of insurance claims, decreasing the denial rate, and increasing and maintaining your practice revenue.

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Being a constantly-functioning medical billing and credentialing services provider, we don’t just get to the part that interests you and us the most. Instead, we first comprehend the entire workflow of your practice, for we are well-informed of the fact that every practice is unique and needs a customized approach for a redefined cash flow and revenue cycle management.

Dependable Recredentialing

Since we offer full-service credentialing services, we ensure keeping all the records maintained and timely updated. For this very reason, we notify you or your practitioners about if it is the time for re-credentialing and assist you with the overall process step-by-step, which lets you stay consistent with the provision of your services as you are punctually notified and re-credentialed.

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