Our Proficiency in Medical Billing Specialties

At clinicast.net, we pride ourselves on providing immaculate professional front-office management services customized to your specific needs. With a steadfast focus on operational success within the healthcare industry, our extensive experience and deep understanding of medical billing specialties ensure the delivery of cost-effective solutions that seamlessly streamline your practice’s workflow.

Radiation Oncology
Allergy & Immunology
Internal Medicine
General Surgery
Family Practice
ASC -Surgery Center
Occupational Therapy
Rural Health
Pain Management
Personal Injury
Mental Health
Plastic Surgery
Physical Medicine
Sleep Medicine
Speech Pathology
Urgent Care
Workers’ Compensation
Dental Billing

Streamlined Solutions for Medical Billing Specialties

Charge Entry

Claims are swiftly entered into our billing software, ensuring over 98% accuracy within 24 hours. With automated billing flow and meticulous handling of patient data, our Physician Medical Billing Services optimize your practice’s profitability.

Claim Scrubbing

We meticulously scrub claims to include all necessary information, minimizing denials and re-filing hassles. Our thorough approach ensures timely reimbursement without additional costs.

Insurance & Denial Management

Our proactive approach flags and follows up on unpaid claims, maintaining outstanding accounts receivable below industry standards. With tailored strategies, we ensure optimal revenue recovery for your practice in medical billing specialties.

Payment Posting

Accurate posting of explanation of benefits, patient payments, and insurance payments ensures precise accounts receivable management, enhancing financial transparency in medical coding specialties.

Patient Statements

Customized statements are promptly sent to patients with outstanding balances, facilitating clear communication and timely payments.

Workflow Optimization

We support your staff’s workflow by managing patient interactions, document uploads, and secure messaging, maximizing productivity and efficiency in specialty billing services.

Timely Claim Submission

Within 48 hours of receiving patient encounter forms, claims are processed and submitted to insurance companies, ensuring prompt reimbursement.

Reporting Insights

Weekly practice scorecards provide detailed insights into revenue metrics, empowering informed decision-making. Ad hoc reporting is available to meet specific practice needs in medical billing services for physicians.

We are available 24/7 to help our clients.