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Our Medical Billing Services in Texas

Texas Medical billing is not that significant, and most of the healthcare institutes are known to handle this medical billing and code themselves. This puts a lot of workload on the staff, so you can decrease that burden by hiring our medical billing companies in Texas. Our company is known not only for the best medical billing but also for coding services. We provide 24/7 support and services to our clients. We are known to decrease the denial rates and decrease the operation cost within the healthcare system. This would affect the hospital revenue and bring more profit to the hospital.

Following is the list of the services that our team provides in Texas

Medical billing

Our medical billing process by our medical billing company in Texas starts when the patient comes to the hospital. This involves scrutinizing the patients’ medical eligibility, and our team does any sorts of verifications that are needed. We also go through the patient’s health insurance and intend to make co-payment for their healthcare. These things would prevent the hospital from any future problems with the bill payment.

Timely payments

When our medical billing Texas is involved, it ensures that timely payments are made. We make sure that health insurances pay hospitals on time for their health services. This can help the hospital revenue and save the institute from any financial losses.

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Claim rejection analysis

Most of the time, when medical bill claims are rejected, hospitals don’t investigate it any further. But with our billing services in Texas, we take care of that. We make sure to analyze the reason behind the denial and re-submit the claim for payment. This way, the hospital will get paid for their services to continue to help patients further. We make sure to re-submit the denial analysis almost immediately to avoid further delay in the payments.


Another thing that our company is known for apart from the medical billing services in Texas is coding. Our certified coders will go through your hospital’s managerial system and try to find any loopholes that are setting the hospital back from gaining more revenue.

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