The Stroke of Unknown Cause: Cryptogenic Stroke

Millions of people suffer from stroke without knowing their health condition. Most of the time it is determined that the sudden stroke suffered by a patient was caused by a blood clot.

 A blood clot is a blockage in the veins which stops the blood from flowing from the brain. Sometimes, despite rigorous testing and samples, the doctors are unable to determine the cause of a stroke; such a kind of stroke is known as a cryptogenic stroke.

It is extremely important to determine the cause of a stroke because according to a recent study, about 1 out of every 4 stroke survivors are most likely to suffer from another stroke within a passage of time. Therefore, it is immensely important to know the cause of the stroke in order to treat that particular medical condition and avoid the next stroke event.

Let’s read in detail about the stroke of an unknown cause called cryptogenic stroke:

Possible causes of cryptogenic stroke

Cryptogenic Stroke

As defined above, a cryptogenic stroke is a stroke with an unknown cause. A survey suggested that the percentage of cryptogenic stroke occurring in African-Americans is two times higher as compared to other ethnicities.

Possible causes of cryptogenic stroke

It is still hard to determine what actually caused a cryptogenic stroke but studies suggest that there could be some possible causes behind this sudden unknown stroke. They are:

  • A problem in heart structure (like the Patent foramen oval)
  • Thrombophilia or blood clotting disorder
  • Large artery atherosclerosis is also known as the hardening of the arteries
  • Atrial fibrillation which in simpler terms means irregular heartbeat

While it might not be evident what caused a cryptogenic stroke, the doctor will evaluate and examine a person through and would go for blood samples, diagnostic tests, etc to prevent a future stroke. The doctors might suggest a complete lifestyle change also.

Key factors to know about a cryptogenic stroke

There are some key factors that every individual should know to prevent this health condition.

 They are listed as,

  • Stroke kills the brain cells: Whether a stroke is cryptogenic or a known one it will kill the cells inside the brain. A stroke happens when a clot happens or a blood clot rupture in a being causing an interruption in the flow of the blood. This interruption causes a stoppage of oxygen which results in the death of brain cells.
  • One out of four is at risk of a follow-up stroke: One out of every four patients who suffered a stroke is most likely to get another one. Fortunately, once the cause of stroke is known, about 80 percent of the clot-related strokes can be prevented with medications and a healthier lifestyle
  • Prevention is the cure: A person needs to analyze and change his lifestyle and move on toward healthier options once he has suffered from an initial stroke to prevent another one. Work out with the doctor to create a diet plan that will help in maintaining a lifestyle that is inclined towards health-related activities and diet. Maintain your blood pressure, monitor diabetes and religiously take your medications as prevention is a cure after all.
  • F.A.S.T: This is the name given to the signs which are evident when a person is suffering from a stroke. Once you notice these warning signs immediately ask for medical help.
key factors of cryptogenic stroke

The signs are:

  • F represents Face drooping
  • A represents Arm weakness
  • S represents Speech difficulty
  • T represents the time to call a medical help

Types of strokes

Every year 795,000 people living in the United States of America suffer from a stroke. The stroke can be known or unknown. Have a look at these types of strokes in detail:

Known stroke

A known stroke is also known as a hemorrhagic stroke. It takes place when any of the blood vessels in the brain gets weakened because of any kind of rupture, aneurysm, spillage of blood, etc. This kind of stroke comprises about 13% of all the strokes that occur in America on average.

Unknown stroke

An unknown stroke is also called an ischemic stroke or a cryptogenic stroke. 87% of patients who suffer a stroke in America have this kind of stroke. The cryptogenic stroke occurs when a mass or a clot blocks the blood circulation leaving that part of the body completely cut off from the blood supply.

This can be fatal in various cases if the clot is too big or if the blockade lasted for minutes.

Final thought

It is extremely important to find out the cause of a cryptogenic stroke to prevent a secondary stroke. If a person continues to follow the same lifestyle that led to the cryptogenic stroke, then the chances of a recurrence of the stroke become higher.

Discuss and develop a healthy diet plan to reduce the risk of a stroke as well as lead a healthy life so that you can enjoy life at its maximum.

Remember you cannot increase the quantity of life but you increase the quality of life.