How Do Medical Billing Services Benefit Small Practices?

Small practices are facing more challenges today when rapid transformations in the healthcare system require them to change with the implementation of new technologies and want providers to qualify with the latest certifications. In this environment, small practices could only achieve their performance targets if they can maximize their collections. The ratio for payment denial for solo and small practices is as high as 40 percent, which means that they are not able to collect a major part of their earnings. Insufficient resources, dependency on paper-based processes, billing errors are just some of the factors that continuously bewilder small practices.  

Streamlined billing maximizes collections

Collections and profits of small practices depend on their billing and coding processes. Only an experienced medical billing company can streamline procedures and point out loopholes in the system. Coding and billing professionals are of the view that through streamlined billing, small practices can collect more than 90 percent of payments successfully. Medical billing services providers can maximize collections of small practices through efficient coding and billing. Only a HIPAA compliant medical billing company can securely capture clinical data, automate billing and can electronically verify the accuracy of claims from the clearinghouse.

Billing automation and eligibility check

Leveraging multiple information technology solutions, medical billing has been automated on every level. As soon as the patient gets registered by providing personal information, an electronic eligibility check is performed before their appointment. The appointment is then scheduled with all the financial details of the patient i.e. co-payment, outstanding balance, etc. At the visit, payment modes are discussed with the patient and in case of self-payment, online payment services, such as debit and credit cards speed up the collection process.

Efficacy and affordability

Medical billing services are economical for small practices in various ways. Physicians at small practices are usually overburdened with multiple tasks and do not have enough resources to efficiently manage billing and payment follow-ups. Medical billing services providers can expedite the billing process for small practices.

Reduced Rejections 

When billing details are perfect to the core, leaving no place for errors and omissions, it results in faster reimbursements. Most of the payment claims are denied by the payers due to inaccuracies in the coding and billing. Medical billing services providers employ expert billers and coding professionals who check for each detail before submission. Moreover, billing companies scrub payment claims and authenticate the accuracy from clearinghouse before submission. Ensuring this level of accuracy reduces the rejection ratio of payment claims.   

Payment follow-ups

Outsourcing billing saves small practices from extensive follow-ups. Following up on a denied payment is an onerous task and requires multiple resources to manage it. A professional medical billing service provider can help small practices in payment follow-ups and settlement.  If you own small practice and remain worried about missed revenue targets, outstanding bills, and lower collections then you must employ the expertise of our skilled medical billers and coders. We can help your practice grow with accurate billing, claim scrubbing, claim submission and payment follow-ups. On top of that, we would keep you updated with claim status, monthly collections, and performance reports. We can track each transaction, make a backup of data and always have standby resources to provide unhindered billing services to our clients